May 22,2022

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Tips On Planning A Vacation With The Kids Post-Divorce

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Anyone who has ever tried to plan a vacation in which kids – and their elaborate schedules – are involved knows how challenging it can be. If, however, you’re recently divorced and have a parenting time schedule to work around, it can be much more complicated. Whatever your parenting time concerns are, an experienced Illinois parenting time attorney can help. 

Plan Ahead

If you want to take a vacation with your children this summer, the most important step you can take is planning well in advance. Your children have schedules of their own to accommodate, and your ex no doubt has plans and scheduling constraints of his or her own. This makes organizing a vacation complicated at best – but you should rest assured that it will be well worth the effort. The sooner you start ironing out the details of when you’ll be gone and what you’ll be doing, the more likely you are to make it happen. 

Don’t Ignore your Budget

Divorce is hard on everyone involved, and in addition to all the emotional turmoil is the financial hit you are likely to experience. While you want to show your children a good time and lift their spirits in the process, it’s important to do so within your budget. Breaking the bank to make a point is not going to do you any favors financially, and the post-vacation stress you experience can be considerable. Planning a great vacation within the confines of your budget can be half the fun. Tips include:

  • Consider a getaway in which you visit relatives and don’t have to worry about the expense of hotels.
  • Plan a staycation in which you explore all the local offerings that you ordinarily don’t have time to enjoy.
  • Indulge your children’s love of the outdoors by booking a cabin and getting back to nature.
  • If you can swing a full-on vacation, be sure to do your bargain hunting up front and book your flights and rooms well in advance. 

Keep Things Fun

The divorce was hard on all of you, and your vacation is a time for you to unwind. Allow each of your children to choose a vacation activity that appeals to him or her (and that is in keeping with your vacation plans and budget). Do not, however, forget yourself in this equation. The more refreshed you are, the more you’ll have to offer your children – and the better equipped you’ll all be to make the most of your post-divorce vacay. 

An Experienced Illinois Child Custody Attorney Is Standing by to Help

There are going to be a lot of emotionally challenging firsts after your divorce, but your first family vacation with the kids should not be one of them. With a bit of preplanning and reasonable expectations, you’ll have this thing mastered. And if you encounter a parenting time concern along the way, Cameron H. Goodman at Goodman Law Firm is a trusted Illinois child custody attorney who is on your side. Learn more by contacting us today.


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