Modifying a Family Law Court Order

When your divorce or family law matter is finalized, the judge will enter a judgment.  The failure to comply with a court’s order can result in harsh penalties.  Sometimes a change in circumstances may make it difficult or impossible to comply with a court order.  If you are having trouble meeting the requirements of a past court order, Goodman Law Firm can help you request post-judgment (post-decree) modification.  Going back to court to modify an order is not an experience anyone looks forward too.  Nevertheless, there are many times where a modification is necessary.  Below we provide a few examples of when you may want to request a modification:

  • You lost your job and are unable to meet your child support and/or maintenance (alimony) obligations.
  • You are unable to work due to an injury or an illness and are unable to meet your support obligations.
  • Your former spouse has suffered an injury or illness and can no longer provide the same level of care for your children.
  • Your work schedule changed and you need to change your parenting time (visitation) schedule.
  • Your children’s financial needs have increased and you require more child support to meet their needs.
  • You moved and need to change your parenting time (visitation) schedule.
  • Your child’s behavior or school performance has significantly declined and you desire to change the allocation of significant decision making and/or allocation of parenting time.
  • Your needs have changed and you require more maintenance (alimony).

For more information about a specific type of modification and the standards, the court will apply you can visit our pages on child custody, parenting time, maintenance, and child support.

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