High Net Worth Divorce Attorney


Unique Considerations in High Net Worth Divorce

Individuals who have built lucrative careers or businesses, or supported spouses who have done so, face unique challenges in a divorceDivision of property and distribution of family assets during a divorce is always difficult. For couples who have acquired substantial wealth, the property division issues are legally more complex. The assets accumulated by these individuals are often a source of intense controversy. At Goodman Law Firm we have experience advising individuals with significant assets who are facing divorce. We can create a plan to help you defend your right to the property you are due.

Our Strategy for Complex Divorces

When counseling individuals with complex assets our goals with respect to property division are:

  • To obtain accurate valuations of all significant assets, with assistance when needed from qualified appraisers, real estate professionals, business valuation experts, accountants and others.
  • To explain legal options based on relevant Illinois divorce law, our legal experience and insight into how the family law judge assigned to your case would likely rule at trial.
  • To build the strongest possible case based on our knowledge of Illinois divorce law and the court system.
  • To minimize the costs and stress of litigation and trial by proposing practical settlement alternatives based on our client’s priorities and unique set of circumstances.

High Net Worth Divorce Attorney Naperville, Oak Brook & Wheaton

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