Talking to Your Kids

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How to Tell Your Kids You’re Getting Divorced

At Goodman Law Firm we understand that divorce is legally more complicated and emotionally more taxing when children are involved.  Children may experience signs of stress when their parents divorce.  If you are concerned about minimizing the impact of your divorce on your children, our tips on how to break the news to your kids may help.

Six Tips for Talking to Kids about Divorce

1. Consider speaking to a psychologist, social worker or family counselor to discuss your children and the best way to inform your children about your decision to divorce.  A divorce is a period of transition for you and your family.  A good therapist can help ease the transition and assist you in maintaining a healthy and connected relationship with your children following your divorce.

2. Talk to your spouse in advance and agree on what you will tell your children.  By agreeing in advance, you can avoid sending mixed messages to your children that may only confuse them.

3. Speak to your kids together as a couple.  By speaking to your children as a couple, it will send the message that your duties and responsibilities as parents have not changed.  This will help your children feel more secure.  When it’s not possible or safe to speak to your children as a couple, try to agree on what you will tell the kids.

4.  Assure the kids it’s not their fault.  Kids will naturally assume that their “bad” behavior contributed to your decision to divorce.  Assure them that it is not their fault as best you can.

5.  Permit your children to maintain a relationship with your spouse.  Kids thrive when they have the love and support of both parents.  Avoid demeaning or belittling your spouse in the presence of your child.  This can only confuse him or her.

6. Share only age-appropriate facts.  When you discuss your divorce with your children, be mindful that you share only facts that are appropriate for your child’s age and level of maturity.  Always avoid using your child as a confidant or friend.

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