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Even long-term marriages can come to an end. With their end comes issues unique to spouses who have been married a long time. These couples may be more concerned with retirement accounts, complex assets, and alimony than with other typical divorce issues such as child support or child custody and visitation. However, these issues are no less important and need to be determined within the divorce process, no matter how the couple decides to proceed. If you are facing a divorce after being married for a lengthy time, reach out to a qualified Oak Brook divorce attorney for help you can count on.

Does the Length of a Marriage Impact Spousal Support?

Several crucial factors are considered by the court when determining who will pay or receive spousal support and what amount it should be set at. One of the substantial factors is the length of the marriage. The court will examine the economic disparity between the couple over the life of the marriage in addition to the length of the marriage to decide on the amount and duration of spousal maintenance.

If the marriage is a long one, and there is an economic disparity between the spouses, the court will likely order the higher-earning spouse to pay the other spouse spousal support. In fact, in many extremely long-term marriages, the higher-earning spouse will be required to pay this support until one dies. In general, the longer the marriage, the longer duration support will be awarded. An experienced Oak Brook divorce lawyer can help you determine if you will receive or owe alimony once your divorce is over.

Longer Marriages Lead to Complex Property Division 

The valuation and division of property are more often than not more complicated in a lengthier marriage. These couples tend to own more property and have more diverse property holdings and interests. For example:

  • Real estate investments, whether commercial or residential
  • Closely held businesses or professional practices
  • Employee stock options and grants
  • A variety of retirement and investment accounts
  • Pension plans

It takes an Oak Brook divorce attorney who has experience with these types of assets to help protect your interests when you are getting out of a long-term marriage. They may even call in additional help in the form of valuation experts or forensic accountants. The proper valuation and division of property in this type of divorce are critical. Once the divorce is finalized, there is typically no basis for seeking modification of the divorce judgment regarding the division of assets. 

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