College Education Expenses

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College Education Expenses

Whether your child is years away from attending college or just a few months, allocating financial responsibility for college expenses may be something you need to consider today.

Divorced and never-married parents may be ordered to contribute to their children’s college education expenses under Illinois law.  Either parent may file a petition with a family law court seeking contribution from the other parent for college expenses, which may include more than books and tuition.  In addition to tuition, parents may also be ordered to pay for reasonable living expenses, transportation expenses, medical bills, college application fees and entrance exam fees.

Parents May be Ordered to Pay for College Expenses

When determining what amount a parent will be obligated to contribute to a child’s college expenses, the court must consider several factors including:

  • The present and future financial needs of both parents, including savings for retirement;
  • The standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage not dissolved;
  • The financial resources of the child; and
  • The child’s academic performance.

Post-decree litigation over college education expenses is common.  While the parties may have agreed in the Marital Settlement Agreement to each contribute to the expenses of the child, the exact dollar amount of that contribution is often impossible to predict at the time of the divorce.  When the parents cannot agree, litigation is often the result.

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