Child Custody


DuPage Child Custody Lawyer

At Goodman Law Firm we routinely represent mothers and fathers in disputes over child custody, parenting time, allocation of parental responsibilities, paternity and child support.  Collectively these are some of the most contentious areas of family law because their resolution may have a lasting impact on the relationships of everyone involved.  For this reason, you need a skilled family law lawyer with experience in child custody issues to help you navigate the complexities of this sensitive area of family law.

Our Goal is Efficient and Effective Resolution

Our priority is to resolve your custody dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible given your circumstances while forcefully advocating for the best interests of you and your children.  With each custody matter our goals are:

  • To identify and isolate the disputed custody issues, whether it is decision-making authority, the allocation of parenting time, the payment or non-payment of child support or a multitude of custody issues.
  • To explain your legal options based on relevant Illinois custody and/or child support laws, our legal experience, and our insight into what a family law court might decide at trial.
  • To gather all evidence to support our legal theory including, relevant documents, and the anticipated testimony of any witnesses.
  • To build the strongest possible case based on our knowledge of Illinois custody law and the legal system.
  • To minimize the costs and stress of litigation and trial on you and your children by offering appropriate alternatives to traditional litigation such as collaborative law and mediation.
  • To generate creative settlement options geared towards your priorities and unique circumstances.

Child Custody Lawyer Serving Naperville, Oak Brook & Wheaton

When your access to your children and ability to influence decisions affecting them are at stake, you need a skilled family law lawyer on your side to help protect your parental rights.  Family law disputes involving children are legally complicated and have long term consequences.  At Goodman Law Firm, we have experience representing clients with children.

If you are looking for an experienced litigator in Oak Brook, Naperville, Wheaton, or Chicago, contact us today at (630) 464-6700 and request a custody consultation.