September 16,2020

John T.

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First and foremost, I found myself trusting Cameron more than any council I’ve ever retained. In divorce/maintenance proceedings, we all know that more attorneys than not will antagonize, aggravate, and provoke each side into escalating legal fees. Fortunately, I found it doesn’t have to be that way. What was at one point a hostile and seemingly impossible situation, Cameron was able to negotiate and ultimately conciliate a fair settlement with the respondent and opposing counsel that was nothing short of rigid, ill-disposed, and spiteful. Cameron knows the law, what arguments will fly, and the arguments that won’t. He presents himself extremely well to the judge while at the same time flustering the opposing council (several occasions). In the end, Cameron was the reason two people were able to get on with their lives with an agreed order. I highly recommend Cameron and certainly consider him a friend going forward.


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