December 11,2022

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12 Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Divorce

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You’re not alone if getting divorced brings dread, fear, or even relief. Don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with you. It can be normal to feel scared, happy, and confused all at the same time when faced with the prospect of divorce, and it’s important to try not to feel defeated or paralyzed by these fears. Instead, use them as a form of self-protection to keep you from making decisions before you are fully prepared. 

While the fear of divorce is often resistant to change, it is essential to remember that a divorcee’s life is not over. Divorce creates an opportunity for a new beginning — free from all the negative emotions and turmoil of your previous marriage. 

Here is a list of 12 reasons not to be afraid of divorce. 

1. Divorce presents new beginnings.

While the end of a marriage is inherently complex, it also opens up the opportunity for a new beginning. This new chapter in your life can be scary and filled with doubt, but it can also be an exciting time of personal growth and evolution. 

2. You get another shot at love.

After a divorce, you might clearly know what you want and don’t want—finding that special someone could be easier than you think! Right now, it might be hard to imagine a life with someone else, and the idea of dating might seem daunting, but if you explore another relationship with the right attitude, you might be surprised by what you find. 

3. Divorce is better for children than unhappy parents

 While it is not easy for children to see their parents split up, neither is watching their parents argue and stay in an unhappy marriage. Splitting up can create a healthy environment for children to grow up within.

 4. Your health and well-being are important

An unhappy marriage can result in anxiety, sadness, and poor self-care. The opportunity to love yourself again is obtainable after divorce and may leave more room for improving your health and well-being. 

5. The pain of divorce won’t last forever

The pain and longing for the former relationship will not last forever. Adequately grieving your relationship can be healing and provide growth opportunities.

6. People’s wants and needs change

Forever is a long time, significantly if one or both partners have changed. You don’t have to suffer in a relationship for the sake of forever within your vows.

7. You aren’t alone!

Nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce or separation. You are not alone! There are support groups, books, conventions, and opportunities to heal from a divorce and bond with other divorcees. 

8. The end doesn’t have to be forever

Divorce doesn’t mean you will never see your ex-spouse or ex-partner if you have children. They will always be a part of your life and a part of your story. Just because the relationship has ended, it doesn’t mean you and your ex can’t be friends.

9. Staying in an unhappy marriage and being miserable doesn’t help anyone

Marriage isn’t forever, and that’s ok! Being miserable in a relationship isn’t healthy for you, your partner, or your children. You don’t need to continue to make yourself feel small or inadequate.

10. What other people think about you is none of your business

Your marriage has ended. That is your business, not anyone else’s! What other people think about you, your marriage, and how things end is none of your business. Keep thinking about yourself, what you want, and what is best for your family. That way, everyone wins.

 11. Help and support is all around you

Whether you require a support group or legal representation, help is all around you. A lawyer will help you navigate the legal waters of divorce and help you get back on your feet. 

12. The most important person in your life is you!

The most important person in your life is you! You will take your attitude, happiness, sadness, and misery everywhere you go, too. Why not be the best, happiest version of yourself? You deserve it!

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Divorce can be a new beginning for you and your family. It’s a chance to start over with a clean slate and live your life the way you always wanted. With Goodman Law Firm by your side, you can have confidence that the entire process will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. Contact us today! We’ll answer all of your questions and help you take the next step in getting divorced.


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