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Ending a marriage can be one of the hardest decisions a person will ever have to face. Working through the legal system can be intimidating, and especially so when you are experiencing emotional stress already. Family law cases can become complex and messy when not managed correctly. However, hiring a top Wheaton divorce lawyer early in the process can help you avoid the mistakes that many divorcing spouses make when attempting to represent themselves in court.

Will My Divorce End Up in Court?

You might be relieved to learn that not all divorce cases will end up in court.  In many divorces, the spouses can resolve their disputes through a mediation process or negotiations, during which your top Wheaton divorce attorney can help make sure the best interests of you and your children are protected. Unfortunately, some people attempt to save funds by handling their divorce on their own, and they can end up with costly consequences.

At the Goodman Law Firm, we strongly encourage our clients to reach agreements outside of court and avoid time-consuming divorce litigation altogether whenever possible. This is especially critical when children are impacted. Our top Wheaton divorce lawyer can assist with every area of the divorce process and can protect your interests in court if needed. Whatever the unique circumstances of your divorce case might be, we can work to ensure that your interests and legal rights are upheld.

Reaching a Divorce Settlement

If you can reach a divorce settlement without going to court, you can save both time and money. You won’t need to wait a long time to go before a judge or make several court appearances. You can even decrease the emotional reactions associated with the divorce process by reaching a settlement. Our team is experienced in divorce negotiations and will work hard to help you work out your differences without involving a judge. If you are successful, the judge will only need to sign off on your agreements. If you can’t reach a settlement, the judge will decide the matters for you. 

What is a Mediated Divorce?

A mediated divorce is one in which each spouse desires to have an uncontested divorce. This means they must reach agreements on crucial issues such as parenting time, the division of marital assets, property, and debts, and child and spousal support. Mediation is a way to formally negotiate a settlement. It is conducted with a professional mediator who isn’t on anyone’s side. They are there to help you see and understand where the other party is coming from, to increase the chances that you can compromise.

Do You Need a Top Wheaton Divorce Lawyer? The Goodman Law Firm is Here to Help

If you are searching for a top Wheaton divorce attorney, you’ve come to the right place. Our professional team listens and learns about your divorce needs and wants. We take pride in educating our clients about their options and helping them make the decisions that best suit their future situations. Even if they must go before a judge in court, we can represent their interests and stand by their side. Contact us today to learn more about the divorce services we offer Illinois spouses.

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