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Many things in life make sense as a DIY project; changing your oil, painting your cabinets, learning a foreign language, or even remodeling your bathroom. Many DIY projects can be educational experiences and very rewarding once complete. However, divorce is not one of them. DIY and legal matters don’t mix, especially with so much at stake in a divorce and other family issues. In the long run, a DIY divorce will likely demand more of your time and money than if you had hired a top divorce attorney in Oak Brook to begin with. While some spouses might try to share one attorney for their divorce, this isn’t a step you should consider either. You deserve your own legal representation.

Before Searching for a Top Divorce Attorney in Oak Brook

Before looking for a top divorce lawyer in Oak Brook, it’s crucial to do some reflecting. Think about how you want your divorce and to proceed:

  • Are you willing to negotiate with your soon-to-be-ex, or do you want a family court judge to decide these matters for you? 
  • What are your goals for the future? 
  • What is your ideal parenting time arrangement for your children?
  • Are there specific assets you want to keep that you are willing to negotiate others for?
  • Would you benefit more from an attorney who is all business, or do you need someone that will be compassionate and provide emotional support along the way?

Once you can answer these questions and identify some of your goals, you may know more about what you want in an attorney.

What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Finding a divorce attorney who is experienced and well-versed in Illinois family law can make all the difference in the outcome of your divorce and any issues you might face in the future. It’s essential to have an attorney who is willing to take the time to listen to your background, needs, frustrations, and ideas. After all, no two divorces are alike. You need an attorney who understands this and avoids cookie-cutter approaches to family legal matters. 

If you want a mediated divorce or to otherwise negotiate a settlement, look for an attorney who is willing to help you in this endeavor and has been successful with this in the past. You want an attorney who can support and facilitate your goals as much as possible. Our firm can provide the support you deserve and help you come up with creative resolutions to your issues.

Do You Need a Top Divorce Attorney in Oak Brook?

If you are searching for a top divorce lawyer in Oak Brook, look no further than the Goodman Law Firm. With over two decades of experience in divorce and other legal family matters, we have the compassion, skill, and knowledge to help you get through this transition. We believe our clients deserve aggressive advocates in family court as well as our compassion and honesty. You can learn more about our boutique law services by contacting us today to schedule a private case review.

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