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Top Child Custody Lawyer Near Me

Child custody matters are among the most challenging divorce and family law issues, and these cases are referred to as parenting time and parental responsibility matters in Illinois. Top child custody lawyers near you can make your parenting case easier or more manageable, both procedurally and emotionally. 

You need a legal game plan built around you and your children, as well as a guide to help you navigate the sometimes tumultuous waters of the Illinois parenting plan process. Our lawyers are here to provide you with a simple path forward to a parenting outcome that will help you and your kids move forward into a brighter future.

What You Need to Know About Parenting Matters in Illinois

Like most, if not all, states, Illinois family courts always act in the child’s best interest and make every effort to ensure the child can maintain a relationship with both parents. This will look different for each parenting case. Generally, if both parents are fit, the court will ensure their involvement in their child’s life. 

There are two types of custody issues – parenting time and parental responsibility. Parenting time refers to whom the child will reside with the majority of the time. Parental responsibility deals with decision-making for the child, such as school, religious, and healthcare decisions. There are many ways to handle parenting matters. Parents can share either one or both. One parent could have both, or one parent might have primary parental responsibility while sharing parenting time with the other. 

While parenting issues are inherently challenging and emotional, they are an opportunity to draft creative solutions that work for both parents and children. When you hire top child custody attorneys near you, they can assess your needs and desires, as well as those of your child’s other parent. With this information, they can come up with potential solutions that enhance the benefit of the arrangement for everyone involved. 

What is an Unfit Parent in Illinois?

Parents who are unfit will not be able to have parenting time with their children. In some circumstances, they might be able to have visitation rights or supervised visitation. Illinois law specifically addresses what behaviors might constitute someone being an unfit parent. These include:

  • Neglect
  • Abandonment
  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Putting the children in an unsafe living environment
  • Not being interested in the children’s welfare
  • Habitual substance abuse problems
  • Mental illness or instability
  • Being incarcerated

Proving that a parent is unfit for parental responsibility and parenting time is a big task, even if it is necessary. If you believe your child’s other parent is unfit and your child needs to spend less time with them, you’ll need to have documentation to prove it. Documentation can include police reports, medical records, or other verifiable documentation. Keep in mind that even if you can establish a parent is unfit, the courts are typically likely to grant a modification of parenting time rather than removing it altogether.

Suppose you need to take on such an endeavor as proving your child’s other parent is unfit. In that case, it’s essential to have the help of top child custody lawyers near you to help keep your children safe.

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If you are looking for top child custody lawyers near you, look no further than the Goodman Law Firm. Whatever your questions and struggles might be, we are here to help you through this difficult time. Contact us today to schedule your confidential child custody case review.

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