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Top Child Custody Attorney Darien

Are you looking for a top child custody attorney in Darien? We can help.  Child custody is a stressful and emotional time for families. There are many moving parts to consider, and on top of emotions at an all time high, details can be missed if you aren’t working with a qualified family law attorney. 

The family law lawyers at The Goodman Law can help you with your child custody case in Darien.

How can a top child custody attorney in Darien help me?

Goodman Law Firm’s top child custody lawyers will consider several factors in representing our client’s interests in a custody case. Some of the critical considerations our family law attorneys consider include the following:

  1. Best interests of the child: In Illinois, the court will always consider the child’s best interests when making decisions regarding custody. The best interest of a child includes factors such as the child’s relationship with each parent, the child’s wishes (depending on their age and maturity), each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s physical, emotional, and mental needs, and any history of abuse or neglect.
  2. Type of custody: In Illinois, control can be awarded as sole or joint custody. Sole custody means that one parent has physical and legal custody of the child, while joint custody means that both parents share the child’s physical and legal custody.
  3. Visitation: Even if one parent is awarded sole custody, the other parent may still be granted visitation rights with the child. The child custody lawyer will need to consider the specifics of the visitation schedule and work to negotiate a visitation agreement that is in their client’s best interests.
  4. Parenting plan: Besides custody and visitation, the child custody lawyer will need to help their client create a detailed parenting plan that outlines each parent’s responsibilities and obligations to the child. Parenting plan details may include decision-making authority, financial obligations, and communication guidelines.
  5. Evidence and testimony: The child custody lawyer must gather and present evidence and testimony supporting their client’s case. Evidence and testimony may include witness statements, medical records, and other documentation supporting the client’s position. 

Overall, the child custody lawyer’s primary goal is to protect their client’s rights and interests throughout the custody proceedings. They will need to be diligent in their research, persuasive in their arguments, and compassionate in their approach to representing their client and advocating for the child’s best interests.

Are you struggling with a custody issue? We can help.

At The Goodman Law Firm, LLC, we have the knowledge and skill to help you through any complex family law issue you may be facing. Our Oak Brook attorneys are experts in all areas of Illinois Family Law. Whether it’s a divorce proceeding, child custody arrangement, spousal support calculation, or relocation request, we are here for you. 

We understand that this can be a stressful and sensitive time for many, so we take the time to listen and work toward long-lasting solutions. We aim to discuss your options, ensure that you understand your legal rights entirely, and provide professional advice that results in the best outcome for everyone involved. Contact us today.

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