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Even though most divorce cases do not end up in a trial, this is not to say that there is anything easy about them. Before they can finalize the divorce agreement, spouses must agree on or resolve a number of key points relating to finances and parenting your children. An Oak Brook divorce attorney can proactively help you identify and address relevant legal issues.

There is no denying that divorce is difficult on many levels. Emotionally, you are trying to adjust to change while you process the end of your marriage. Legally, you are trying to come to an agreement where you and your ex-spouse have your individual interests coming into play. Somehow, two people must settle issues right after they realized that their domestic partnership was dissolving. It helps to have the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Divorce Lawyers Help During Difficult Times

Your divorce lawyer is here to help you during this difficult time when you are faced with tough choices. Oftentimes, people do not even know where to start when faced with beginning the divorce process. Things are happening quickly, and tensions between you and your spouse can be high. People need a guide to help them think through things in a calm and level-headed manner when the world around them seems to be spinning out of control. 

An experienced divorce attorney can help you in many ways:

  • They can guide you through the many divorce laws and explain to you how a family court would view your circumstances.
  • The attorney would sit down with you and learn the facts of your case and give you tailored legal advice.
  • Your lawyer would help you focus on the bigger picture and can help you adopt a clear-eyed approach during a tense and emotional time. 
  • They can suggest solutions when you and your spouse seem to be at an impasse.

Divorce Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

While the aim is to resolve your divorce outside of court, there are some cases where the parties just cannot come to an agreement, making a trial unavoidable. If that is the case, we have extensive trial and litigation experience that we will use on your behalf to present your arguments. However, not every divorce dispute needs to go to trial. We can assist our clients through alternative dispute resolution methods such as:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative family law

Even when you have decided to separate or have filed for divorce, there are still many things that need to happen before your marriage is legally over. Your divorce attorney works on your behalf to ensure that you achieve the best possible legal outcome at the final end of your marriage. 

Contact an Oak Brook Divorce Attorney

To learn more about how we can help you, contact an Oak Brook divorce attorney with the Goodman Law Firm for a free consultation. We will learn your situation and explore the legal options available to you with the goal of putting you more at ease. Once you start the process, you can make progress towards turning the page in your life. 

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