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Divorce is an important legal mechanism for dissolving marriages that – for whatever reason – no longer work. While there is a heavy emotional component to divorce, there are also serious practical matters that must be addressed. Balancing the two can be incredibly difficult, but a focused Lombard divorce lawyer will help ensure that your parental and financial rights are well protected as you continue to move forward toward negotiating the terms of your divorce.

Divorce and Practical Concerns

The practical concerns related to your divorce break down into financial considerations and considerations related to your child custody arrangements (called parental responsibilities in Illinois) – both of which are exceptionally important. While both of these categories are obviously weighted by emotion, the court must take a pragmatic and systematic approach to resolving all family law matters, including divorce.

Your Financial Matters

The court will address your divorce-related financial concerns in the following ways:

  • Your marital property (those assets that you acquired together as a married couple) will be divided in a manner that is considered equitable or fair, which obviously leaves plenty of room for interpretation. 
  • Child support is calculated according to state guidelines, which are based on ensuring that both parents live up to their financial responsibilities to their children (in relation to their ability to pay). Generally, the parent who provides the children with their primary residence receives child support from the other parent.
  • Alimony, also known as spousal maintenance or spousal support, represents payments made by one divorcing spouse to the other when one experiences a financial downturn post-divorce and the other has the financial means to assuage this financial discrepancy. When deemed appropriate by the court, alimony can be an important part of one’s divorce financials.

The court has vast discretion in each of these arenas and takes wide-ranging factors into consideration in its decision-making process.

Child Custody Arrangements

The court always bases its custody-related decisions on the best interests of the children involved, and in the process, takes many variables into consideration, including:

  • The status quo and the children’s level of attachment to their current circumstances (courts generally prefer to disrupt the children’s lives as little as possible) 
  • The children’s wishes (within reason)
  • Each parent’s willingness, ability, and desire to engage in cooperative parenting moving forward
  • The presence of a credible reason for limiting one parent’s decision-making power or custodial involvement
  • Each parent’s mental and physical health
  • Any special needs one or more of the children have
  • Each parent’s history of parental involvement
  • Any other factors deemed relevant by the court

Look to a Lombard Divorce Lawyer for the Help You Need

Divorce is a complicated legal process that requires careful legal attention. Cameron H. Goodman at Goodman Law Firm in Lombard is a dedicated divorce lawyer with a formidable track record helping clients like you obtain divorce terms that work for them – within their unique circumstances. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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