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We’ve all heard horror stories about divorce, as efficient divorce cases rarely make good stories. In the end, however, every divorce follows its own path, and many are reasonably amicable. Ultimately, divorce is a legal process that addresses specific financial and family-related matters, and if you and your divorcing spouse are willing and able to negotiate these matters between yourselves (with your respective divorce lawyers’ skilled guidance), you’ll need nothing more than for the court to sign off on the terms you agree to (which it is almost certain to do). If you are facing a divorce, the best path forward is with a practiced Hinsdale divorce lawyer on your side. 

Agreeing to Divorce Terms

The fact is that you and your divorcing spouse will need to hammer out terms that relate to all of the following:

  • The division of your marital property
  • Your child custody arrangements (called parental responsibilities and parenting time in the State of Illinois)
  • Child support
  • Alimony (called spousal support in the State of Illinois)

These are weighty issues, and things are bound to become heated and/or emotional from time to time, but with your accomplished divorce lawyer’s guidance, you may be able to resolve them without the court’s intervention. Even if a sticking point remains, the fewer matters that the court needs to resolve on your behalf, the better off you’ll be. 

Finding Middle Ground

One of the first steps in finding middle ground – and moving forward with negotiations – with your divorcing spouse is determining your priorities. Once you’ve identified where your priorities lie, it makes crafting a successful negotiation strategy far less cumbersome. If you take a scattershot approach and simply move forward in an effort to get everything you can, it is unlikely to do you any favors in the end. When you have your priorities set, on the other hand, it provides you with leverage at the negotiating table. Seasoned divorce lawyers have the skill and insight to help you pinpoint your priorities and to help you skillfully strategize accordingly. 

Keeping Things Civil

It is not difficult for a divorce to go off the rails, and sometimes there is no stopping this from happening. There are, however, strategies you can employ to help keep your divorce moving smoothly forward, including:

  • If speaking to one another on the phone or in-person is too difficult and/or too likely to lead to problems, stick to texts and emails. Adopting a non-confrontational tone can also help.
  • Focus on those matters where you’ve already found middle ground with your spouse and attempt to move forward from there. 
  • If negotiating between yourselves proves impossible, allow your respective divorce lawyers to do so on your behalf (in support of your best interests).

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