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Family law is a broad and important subset of the law that addresses family-related legal matters. If you are facing a legal concern that involves your children, spouse, divorce terms, or any other family-based issue, it’s time to turn to an experienced family law lawyer in Elmhurst for the skilled legal guidance that you need.

Common Family Law Matters

Family law addresses wide-ranging legal matters that are important to parents and families. Consider the following:

  • Divorce – Divorce is an important part of family law, and an experienced family law lawyer can help you address your divorce head on. 
  • Legal Separation – Some couples choose the path of legal separation over divorce (sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently) for a variety of personal reasons. A legal separation addresses all the same terms that you would in a divorce (and these terms will guide your separation), but you will remain legally married. 
  • Parenting Time – Parenting time is the state’s term for what you likely think of as child custody. It is divided into the parental responsibilities of making important decisions on behalf of your children (which can be either sole, joint, or divided according to topic) and parenting time, which refers to how you and your ex split your time with the kids. 
  • Child Support – Child support ensures that both parents continue to support their children financially, and it is calculated in accordance with the number of overnights each parent has and each parent’s financial means.  
  • Alimony – Alimony is called spousal support in Illinois, and it is a payment system that is intended to offset the financial disadvantage one spouse experiences upon divorce (when the other spouse has the means to help). 
  • Modifications to Child Support, Alimony, or Parenting Time – Divorce-related terms (and parental rights outside of marriage and divorce) may no longer be relevant to your evolving lives, and the law addresses this fact with modifications. 
  • Paternity – For children born outside of marriage, paternity (legally identifying the father) can be an issue. Establishing paternity is important to ensure that matters like parenting time and child support are determined appropriately. 

Your Family Law Concern

Whatever kind of family law concern you’re facing, it’s important because it affects your daily life. Working closely with an experienced family law lawyer is the surest way to protect your parental and financial rights (as applicable to your specific concern). If you and your ex are able to hammer out terms that work for you (with the skilled legal guidance of your family lawyer), you can bypass the need for the court’s intervention, but if a compromise seems out of the question, heading to court may be the best path forward. 

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