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No one marries with the idea of divorce looming, and if you are facing a divorce, it can leave you feeling extremely off balance. While there is a strong emotional component when it comes to divorce, there are also a lot of hard, cold numbers that need to be resolved, and making your way through the process can be exceptionally trying – especially without experienced legal counsel on your side. Fortunately, a dedicated divorce attorney in Lombard can help. 

Your Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Plan

One of the most important divorce terms for any couple who shares children is child custody arrangements, which include both your parental responsibilities and your parenting time schedule, both of which will be delineated in your parenting plan or allocation judgment at the end of your divorce.  Parental responsibilities refer to each parent’s decision-making responsibilities, which you and your ex can share, can divide, or can assign to one of you alone. The kinds of decisions involved include:

  • Decisions about your children’s education
  • Decisions about your children’s health care
  • Decisions about your children’s extracurricular activities and travel
  • Decisions about your children’s religious upbringing

When it comes to parenting time (or what you may think of as visitation), you and your spouse may craft a parenting time schedule that is customized to your needs and lifestyle, and provided the court agrees that it’s in your child’s best interests, it is likely to be approved.  Parenting time schedules should address weekday and weekend parenting time, as well as holidays, special occasions, and school breaks including summer vacation, winter break, and spring break.  For most parents, negotiating a mutually acceptable parenting time schedule, even if it requires the guidance and assistance of your individual attorneys and/or a family law mediator and/or a guardian ad litum will lead to a more satisfactory parenting time schedule.   When parents cannot agree on a parenting time schedule or the other terms of a parenting plan, the court will have to have a trial on the issues of child custody.

Child Support

Because child support is determined in accordance with state guidelines, it tends not to vary considerably (according to the circumstances at hand). The primary deciding factors involved include the income of each parent and how your parenting time is divided. Because child support is intended to balance each parent’s financial responsibility to the children (according to his or her ability to pay), the higher earner generally pays child support. 

The Division of Marital Property

Any assets that you and your spouse acquired as a married couple are considered marital property in the eyes of the law. Who made the purchase or signed off on it is immaterial in the sense that all these assets belong to both of you and must be divided equitably (or fairly given the situation) in the event of divorce. This division of assets has the potential to become very complicated – and just as contentious.


While alimony (also known as spousal support or maintenance) is not awarded in all cases, but can be a highly contested issue in many divorces.    Alimony is financial support paid to a spouse that earns less income (or no income at all).   Divorce judges have wide discretion in deciding whether to award maintenance in any given case, which can cause both sides to have strong opposing positions.  Should a divorce judge decide to award maintenance, for most Illinois couples the court will be guided by pre-determined state guidelines or maintenance formulas for determining the amount of maintenance and its duration.  However, the court may deviate from the state maintenance guidelines after considering a variety of factors.  Whether you are paying or receiving maintenance, it has far reaching implications for your post divorce life.

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