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Spousal support is also commonly known as alimony or maintenance. Maintenance is support paid by one spouse or former spouse to another, and it is paid while a divorce is pending or following the case. Either spouse can request maintenance, and it is commonly used to maintain the lifestyle the couple enjoyed during their marriage when one spouse cannot adequately support themselves. 

Navigating spousal support maintenance can be difficult and time-consuming. Turn to a Darien spousal support lawyer at Goodman Law Firm to help you earn the financial support you need following a legal separation or divorce.

How Spousal Support is Determined

Spousal support can be agreed on by the spouses or determined by the court. Courts consider several factors:

Length of marriage

The longer the marriage, the more time, money, resources, and emotional energy were likely put into the marriage by the couple. Therefore, this should be taken into account when determining how much spousal support to award.

Both parties’ income level and future potential earnings

Spousal support considerations hinge on the respective income of each party.  There must be a disparity between the current income or earning ability before a court will award spousal support to one party.  When there is a meaningful disparity between the current and/or future earning capacity of the spouses, then often spousal support will be awarded to the spouse earning less.  Each parties’ job experience, education, training, and current employment situation will affect spousal support. Significantly, courts may consider passive income that comes in the form of recurring gifts or investment earnings.  Your lawyer will help you identify every source of income for you and your spouse so you can secure the spousal support you deserve.  


Either parties’ decision to get married again can impact your spousal support and whether you will continue to earn alimony. If you are considering getting remarried while you are petitioning for or receiving spousal support, or if your ex-spouse is remarrying, please contact a Darien spousal support lawyer for advice.

Standard of living

How the couple lived prior to the separation will be considered when determining the amount of spousal support to be awarded. The court will likely award alimony to help keep each spouse in the same standard of living after the divorce. 

Courts will commonly rely on the above factors when determining the amount of spousal support to be awarded in a divorce. The team at Goodman Law Firm will help you navigate through the legal system with confidence. 

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