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Divorce has a way of feeling overwhelming, and you may be disinclined to address it head-on from the start. The fact is, however, that the sooner you begin taking steps forward with your divorce preparations, the better off you’ll be. Divorce breaks down into financial matters and child custody matters, and the only way to adequately address your divorce financials is to understand what they entail, to gather the important documentation, and to move forward with purpose and skilled legal guidance. It is a lot, but an experienced Darien divorce lawyer can help.

Your Marital Property

In order to obtain a just division of your marital property, you need to document that property. Marital property refers to those assets that you acquired together as a married couple. While this obviously means your family home and your vehicles, there is a lot more to it than this (and the longer you’ve been married, the more complicated the matter is likely to be). Consider all of the following assets:

  • Your respective retirement accounts and job-related financial perks
  • Your financial portfolio, including stocks, bonds, investments, and more
  • Any collections and/or pieces of art, jewelry, or anything else of value that you own
  • Any additional properties that you own, such as a vacation property

It’s important to note that even if a retirement account was established before the marriage or property was purchased before the marriage (which makes them separate assets), any increase in value is likely to be considered marital property that will be divided accordingly. 

Documentation Is Key 

The division of your marital property will hinge upon your ability to document your martial financials, which includes gathering all of the following as early in the process as possible:

  • Mortgage papers and car titles
  • You and your spouse’s pay stubs
  • Credit card bills
  • Savings and checking account statements (whether in both of your names or in one of your names)
  • Loan documents
  • Monthly bills and other expenses
  • Life insurance policies
  • Any additional documentation that applies to your marriage

As your divorce proceeds and things begin to heat up, your spouse could make it more difficult to obtain all the documentation you’ll need to support your case. While the court can compel your spouse to comply with the rules of discovery and turn the documentation over, it’s to your advantage to gather these documents before it gets to the point that you need the court to intervene. 

It’s Time to Contact an Experienced Darien Divorce Lawyer

No divorce is smooth sailing from start to finish, but working with a dedicated Darien divorce lawyer who is committed to helping you avoid common pitfalls while protecting your financial rights throughout can help make the process far more manageable. Cameron H. Goodman at Goodman Law Firm in Darien is just such an attorney, and his more than 20 years of experience speaks to his commitment to his clients and to his drive to help them obtain favorable divorce terms. We’re here for you, too, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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