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Child Custody Lawyer in Downers Grove

Divorce comes with many questions and concerns, especially if you have minor children with your spouse. Where will the children live? Who will get them at Christmas? What about summer break? These are all issues you need to resolve by creating a parenting plan, which divides parenting time and parental responsibilities between the parents.

The good news is that with the knowledge and experience of child custody attorneys in Downers Grove, you can ensure that you are aware of your options and make the best decisions for you and your children

Will You Get Parenting Time with Your Child?

While no child custody lawyer in Downers Grove can guarantee or predict the outcome of your parenting case, there are several points to remember that will help answer this question even before you talk to your spouse or receive a court order. Keep in mind that:

  • Illinois family courts prioritize the best interest of the child in all parenting decisions
  • As much as possible, the court wants both parents to have contact with the child
  • Judges appreciate parents who can work together to draft a parenting plan together
  • Any fault in causing the divorce won’t impact the parenting agreement unless it also makes the spouse an unfit parent—for example, having an affair won’t affect parenting cases, but domestic abuse can
  • Moving farther away from the child’s other parent can impact your parenting case

When child custody lawyers in Downers Grove represent you, you have the reassurance that your rights are being protected and that you are aware of your options. Your attorneys can even help you with creative solutions to your parenting matters. 

What if Your Child’s Other Parent Refuses to Spend Time with Them?

Although some parents might like to see parenting time as a casual suggestion, that’s not how the family courts in Illinois intend it to be. Parents who refuse to abide by it will face the consequences. If your child’s other parent isn’t adhering to the terms of the court-ordered parenting agreement, you can attempt to work it out with them. If that step doesn’t seem to make any difference or isn’t something you are able to do, you can go to court to have the order enforced. In most cases, the court is more likely to enforce the current orders of the agreement instead of modifying them.

Can I Refuse to Let the Other Parent See Our Child?

Under the vast majority of circumstances, the answer is no. Restrictions on parenting time can only be dictated by the court and not the other parent or anyone else. If you suspect your child’s health or safety is in danger if they spend time with the other parent, you can ask the judge for a change. You will need to present evidence to the court as to why the change would be in your child’s best interest. 

It’s critical to recognize that not getting along with your ex-spouse isn’t an appropriate reason for the court to change the parenting schedule or deny the other parent access to the child. Even if the other person falls behind on child support, they will still be legally permitted to be with their kids during their scheduled parenting time. The job of a family court is to always weigh everything against the child’s best interest.

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You may at times feel as if you are your child’s only advocate when it comes to their best interest in your divorce. We understand the deep concern and love you have for your child. We are honored to partner with you as you seek the best for your family during these difficult times. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with a child custody attorney in Downers Grove.

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