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Child custody is addressed in terms of parental responsibilities and parenting time in the State of Illinois, and these represent the pillars of your parental rights. Whether you are facing a divorce involving children, need a post-decree modification, or have child custody concerns that do not stem from marriage, working closely with experienced child custody attorneys in St. Charles is well advised.  

Parental Responsibilities

Parental responsibilities relate to how you and your children’s other parent will proceed with making primary parenting decisions that guide your children’s upbringing. The basic categories of decisions involved include:

  • Decisions related to the education your children receive
  • Decisions related to the religious education your children receive 
  • Decisions related to the health care your children receive
  • Decisions related to the extracurricular activities your children participate in

Parental responsibilities can be allotted in all the following ways:

  • You and your children’s other parent can make each decision together, but one of you may have the authority to break a tie (after you have exhausted your ability to reach a consensus).
  • You and your children’s other parent can divide this responsibility between yourselves according to the kind of decision that needs to be made. 
  • One of you can take on this decision-making responsibility on your own. 

Parenting Time

Parenting time refers to how you and your children’s other parent will split your time with the kids. While the scheduling options are basically limitless, parenting time breaks down into the following two categories:

  • One parent has the children the majority of the time (becoming the primary custodial parent).
  • Both parents split their time with the children more or less equally. 

Best Interest Factors

The State of Illinois employs best-interest factors whenever it makes decisions that directly affect children, including:

  • Each parent’s preference on the matter
  • The overall physical and mental health of each parent
  • The ages of each child, each child’s overall physical and mental health, and any special needs that any of the children have
  • Each child’s preference on the matter (if the child is found to be mature enough to voice a reasonable preference)
  • Each child’s level of adjustment to his or her current living situation, including his or her home, the school he or she attends, and the community at large
  • Each parent’s ability and inclination to support the other’s ongoing relationship with each of the children
  • Each parent’s level of participation in raising the children to date
  • The distance that the parents live from one another and the time and expense associated with going back and forth
  • Any domestic violence or child abuse/neglect that plays a role
  • Any other factors that the court determines are relevant to the unique case at hand

You Need an Experienced Child Custody Attorney in St. Charles on Your Side

Cameron H. Goodman at Goodman Law Firm in St. Charles, Illinois, is a distinguished child custody attorney who takes great pride in his impressive track record of successfully protecting the parental rights of clients like you. Learn more about how we can also help you by contacting us today.

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