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Parenting concerns are some of the most emotionally challenging divorce matters, but they also arise outside of marriage and divorce. Further, many divorced parents experience a need for post-divorce modifications as their children grow and their personal circumstances evolve. If you are facing a child-related issue, it’s time to turn to an experienced child custody attorney near you. 

Parental Responsibilities

In Illinois, child custody is called parental responsibilities and parenting time. As a parent, you face immense responsibilities, and the courts address the matter of who will be making the foundational decisions that all parents face in the course of raising their children, including:

  • Decisions about where your children will make their primary home
  • Decisions about your children’s education
  • Decisions about the healthcare your children receive
  • Decisions about the religious education your children receive
  • Decisions about the travel and extracurricular activities your children participate in

While one of you may be awarded sole parental responsibilities, additional options include:

  • You and your ex can hammer out these parental decisions between yourselves. 
  • You and your ex can make these decisions together, but one of you will have the ability to break a tie in those situations in which your good faith negotiations fail to resolve the issue.
  • You and your ex can divide these decisions between yourselves – according to the category of decision that needs to be resolved.

It’s important to recognize that simple and everyday decisions are the responsibility of the parent who is with the kids at the time. Further, in emergency situations, whoever is available to make the necessary decisions will need to do so.

Parenting Time

Parenting time refers to what you may think of as visitation, and it sets the schedule by which you and your children’s other parent will divide your time with your children. If you are able to negotiate a mutually acceptable parenting time schedule, there is no real limit to your scheduling options. If, however, you need the court’s intervention on the matter, you should expect to receive one of its standard parenting time schedules.

Child Support

When there is a child custody concern, it is not unusual for the matter of child support to also arise. Child support is the state’s means of ensuring that you and your ex both continue to financially support your children (based on each spouse’s ability to do so). While a wide range of variables go into the child support calculation process, the primary issues are the number of overnights each parent has with the children and each parent’s income. 

Reach Out to an Experienced Child Custody Attorney Near You

Cameron H. Goodman at Goodman Law Firm is a trusted Illinois parenting time attorney who dedicates his well-respected practice to skillfully protecting the parental rights of clients like you. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today. 

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