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Divorce is not to be undertaken lightly, but if divorce looms on the horizon for you, you’re well-advised to address the matter head-on from the outset. The terms of your divorce will significantly affect your finances and your rights as a parent for years to come, and working closely with one of the best Hinsdale divorce attorneys can provide you with the peace of mind necessary to continue moving confidently forward into your post-divorce future.

Your Divorce

While your divorce will not proceed in exactly the same way that your neighbor’s, friend’s, or anyone else’s divorce did, it will address all of the same elements of divorce (as applicable), including:

  • The Division of Your Marital Property – Your marital property is that property that you and your spouse acquired throughout your marriage, which will be divided in a manner deemed equitable (or fair under the given situation) upon divorce.
  • Your Child Custody Arrangements – The State of Illinois uses parental responsibilities in place of child custody and parenting time in place of visitation, but the meanings remain the same. Parental responsibilities include who makes important decisions on behalf of the children and whom the children will live with, and the details of these arrangements are explained in a parenting plan.
  • Child Support – Both parents are responsible for supporting their shared children financially, and the state addresses this responsibility via child support payments that help balance each parent’s contributions in relation to their ability to pay.
  • Alimony – The State of Illinois uses spousal support in place of alimony, and it refers to payments that are made by an ex with the financial means to do so to his or her ex – who is left with a financial need post-divorce. While alimony does not have a place in every divorce, it can be an important financial tool. 

Agreeing to Divorce Terms

Any of the divorce terms that you and your spouse are able to agree upon together represent terms that the court will not need to decide on your behalf. The goal is naturally to set your own terms and to have the court sign off on them (which it does in the vast majority of cases), but this doesn’t mean that it will be easy. You do, however, have several options available to you that can help you find the middle ground you seek. Consider the following:

  • You and your ex can negotiate terms between yourselves (under the guidance of your respective divorce attorneys). 
  • Your respective divorce attorney can pick up the negotiating where you and your soon-to-ex leave off.
  • Any terms that remain can be addressed at mediation, where you, your spouse, and your respective divorce attorneys will work with a professional mediator to explore possible compromises.

You Need One of the Best Hinsdale Divorce Attorneys on Your Side

Divorce calls for professional legal counsel, and Cameron H. Goodman at Goodman Law Firm is a resourceful Hinsdale divorce lawyer who has the experience, compassion, and legal insight to help. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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