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Best Divorce Attorneys in Hinsdale

Dealing with a divorce can be an emotional and challenging time full of uncertainty. The decisions you make have lasting impacts on your family and future. To keep the divorce process as amicable as possible and to protect yourself, obtaining expert legal help is critical. 

At the Goodman Law Firm, we are experienced Hinsdale divorce attorneys ready to provide compassionate guidance. Our team takes a customized approach by thoroughly analyzing your situation to evaluate areas where both parties agree, differ, and identify any missing information needed to reach the best outcome for you.

How do I find the best divorce attorneys in Hinsdale?

We understand all of the unique needs and desires involved in a divorce. To provide services that meet those needs, we offer several alternatives to traditional legal solutions. Collaborative law, divorce mediation, negotiation, and more conventional dispute resolution methods are available. 

We recognize that each divorce is different and encourage our clients to explore all suitable options before choosing litigation. 

What does a divorce attorney do?

A divorce attorney can help in the following ways:

  1. Help individuals and couples understand the grounds for divorce: Each state has specific legal reasons for terminating a marriage, including fault-based grounds such as adultery, cruel treatment, abuse, or imprisonment, and no-fault grounds that all states recognize. However, in some states, a legally mandated period of living apart is necessary before the court can proceed with the divorce process.
  2. Offer qualified counsel: A divorce lawyer can act as an intermediary between you and your spouse, allowing you to avoid personal contact and making the process more manageable.
  3. Assess and generate an evaluation for assets: In some marriages, one spouse may have managed the finances, leaving the other spouse unaware of the couple’s debts and assets. A divorce lawyer can assist in gathering records and identifying assets and liabilities, ensuring that the divorce settlement appropriately addresses these possessions.
  4. Investigate and execute property division: Understanding the intricacies of property division in a divorce can be intimidating for those involved, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of a certified lawyer specializing in divorce, you can better understand how marital assets might be divided and which assets are considered premarital or separate property.
  5. Generate spousal support and child support figures: Every couple is unique, and spousal support and child support will vary depending on income. 
  6. Assist with parenting time schedule: Our team will fight for your child’s best interest and consider variables important to your living situation and potential parenting time schedule. 

Do you need a qualified divorce lawyer? Contact us today!

The Goodman Law Firm strives to provide each client with exceptional, personalized legal service. We work hard to ensure our client’s voices are heard throughout their legal process. We understand that at such a difficult time, obtaining sound and straightforward advice is paramount; so, to provide the best possible service, we only accept a select number of cases at any one time. Our experienced team is here to give you the answers you need and help you resolve your case in the most beneficial way possible. Contact us today if you require assistance from a skilled divorce attorney.

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