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Social Media and Divorce

Social media has become such a natural part of our lives – and our daily activities – that you may not pay that much attention to your usage…

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Common Financial Issues of Divorce

While all divorces are as unique as you and your spouse, one thing you can count on when it comes to divorce is that you are very likely…

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Are There Any Tax Considerations in Divorce?

Divorce involves a multitude of complex financial issues.  Most couples are aware of the key financial issues that need to be addressed in a divorce, including spousal support,…

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Four Types of Spousal Maintenance Awarded in Illinois

Out of all the primary terms of a divorce, spousal maintenance – or what you may think of as alimony – is one of the most complicated. The…

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Should I File for Divorce Now or after…

There is a general trend that divorce filings reduce during the months of November and December. Halloween is the unofficial start to the winter holiday season, and many…

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Tips for Couples Getting a Divorce in Illinois

If you and your spouse have come to the sad but critical decision that you need a divorce, you face significant challenges ahead, but there are some important…

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