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Tips for Couples Getting a Divorce in Illinois

If you and your spouse have come to the sad but critical decision that you need a divorce, you face significant challenges ahead, but there are some important…

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Can I Date During a Divorce?

While divorce can be one of the most difficult seasons of life, it's also an opportunity for change and growth. New opportunities likely await you in several aspects…

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What to Consider When Modifying Your Divorce Decree

Many divorcing couples are relieved to learn that the divorce decree can be modified at a later date. However, this doesn't mean that they should go into their…

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Illinois Law Automatically Revokes Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation…

It’s generally safe to assume that most divorced men and women do not want their ex-spouse to be a beneficiary of their estate at the time of their…

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When is the Right Time to Contact an…

Many people think that consulting with a divorce attorney before you are certain that you are ready to pull the trigger on divorce is a bad or unnecessary…

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Financially Untangling Yourself from Your Spouse

Getting a Fair Property Settlement in your Illinois Divorce On the surface, dividing assets during a divorce may seem straightforward.  In Illinois, all marital property acquired during the…

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