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When is the Right Time to Contact an…

Many people think that consulting with a divorce attorney before you are certain that you are ready to pull the trigger on divorce is a bad or unnecessary…

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Financially Untangling Yourself from Your Spouse

Getting a Fair Property Settlement in your Illinois Divorce On the surface, dividing assets during a divorce may seem straightforward.  In Illinois, all marital property acquired during the…

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Preparing for Your High Asset Divorce

Divorce is complicated, but a high asset divorce is that much more so. One of the components of divorce that’s most likely to become contentious is the division…

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The Six Most Common Emotional Roadblocks to Divorce

Every divorce is unique.  Some divorces move through the process quickly and others seem to drag on for months or years.  While attorneys and judges are often blamed…

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How Are Marital Investments Divided In A Divorce?

Marital property is subject to equitable division in Illinois, including investment assets. The equitable division of property may result in an equal division of assets in a divorce…

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Determining Annual Income for Self-Employed Spouse or Business…

When two people decide to divorce, regardless of how much they try, they often end up in a dispute a over money. You must disclose how many assets…

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