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How to Protect Your Business in a Divorce

Divorce is a challenging time in anyone's life, and when you're an entrepreneur or business owner, the prospect of your business being drawn into the process can be…

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Cryptocurrency and Divorce

Navigating the world of cryptocurrency is already a complex task, but when divorce enters the picture, this complexity escalates. At Goodman Law Firm, we believe it's crucial for…

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Who Will Get the Vacation Home in Divorce?

Divorce is a challenging and emotionally charged process that couples and families often face. Beyond the emotional turmoil, one of the most complex aspects of divorce is dividing…

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Determining the Value of Your Possessions in Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging and emotional time for all parties involved, and one of the most contentious issues is determining how assets will be divided. In Illinois,…

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Why You Should List Your Assets & Liabilities…

Divorce is an emotionally and financially challenging time for everyone involved. It's essential to approach this process with a clear head and a thorough understanding of your financial…

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Co-Owning a Home with Your Ex After Divorce

Divorce can be a complicated process that requires careful attention to financial matters. Real estate property represents some of the most valuable assets for married couples, which means…

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