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Co-Parenting During Summer Break

While parents and kids alike look forward to the more relaxed summer break schedule, co-parenting can become a bit more challenging. You have work schedules, childcare schedules, and…

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How to Modify Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody, which is called parenting time and decision-making responsibility in Illinois, is a primary concern for divorcing parents and for parents who were never married. While the…

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Why is My Divorce Taking So Long?

The time it takes to finalize a divorce in Illinois varies greatly from case to case.¬† A divorce court may grant a divorce only if the parties agree…

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What if I Need to Move Out of…

Parental responsibilities and parenting time are often the most challenging aspects of divorce, which is stressful enough, to begin with. If you are in the process of divorce…

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Can I Move Out of State with My…

Even in circumstances where divorce is the best solution for a family, it's never easy. Having children and going through a divorce or being divorced adds many other…

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What to Consider When Modifying Your Divorce Decree

Many divorcing couples are relieved to learn that the divorce decree can be modified at a later date. However, this doesn't mean that they should go into their…

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