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How Is Child Custody Determined?

If you have a parenting legal concern, you naturally want to know how the issue will be resolved by the court, and better understanding the factors it will…

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Steps to Take Before Divorce

If you are staring down a divorce, it represents a major transition in your life that needs to be addressed head on. While your divorce will be singular…

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Are You a Good Fit for a Collaborative…

Divorce is never fun.  Some individuals dread the divorce process so much they completely and unreasonably avoid it, even though they are unquestionably miserable.  This is often because…

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Why is My Divorce Taking So Long?

The time it takes to finalize a divorce in Illinois varies greatly from case to case.  A divorce court may grant a divorce only if the parties agree…

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How is a Professional Practice Impacted by Divorce?

Even the most straightforward divorce is complicated, and the division of marital property has the potential to be one of the most hotly contested issues in nearly every…

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Is My Business Considered Marital Property in Illinois?

If you have poured your blood, sweat, and tears into a business, it is naturally very personal to you, and you would like to keep it as separate…

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