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When is the Right Time to Contact an…

Many people think that consulting with a divorce attorney before you are certain that you are ready to pull the trigger on divorce is a bad or unnecessary…

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What Are the Signs of Parental Alienation?

In the eyes of a court, alienation is one of the worst things that a parent can do during and after a divorce. It is often enough for…

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How to Enforce Allocated Parenting Time in Illinois

It’s 3:30 p.m. on Friday and you are parked outside your child’s school eagerly waiting to see him emerge from the throngs of backpacks, buses, teachers and kids. …

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Moving after a Divorce with Children in Illinois

Change is an inevitable fact of life and divorce is often a catalyst for significant change.  Following your divorce you may be contemplating a number of changes whether…

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Does My Parenting Plan Need a Right of…

Divorcing parents have many decisions to make when it comes to determining child custody and the terms of their parenting plan.  One decision they will confront is whether…

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What is a Parenting Plan? 

A Parenting Plan (also known as an allocation judgment) is a legal document that outlines your rights, duties and responsibilities for your children following your divorce.  Divorcing couples…

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