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Tax Law Revisions and Maintenance/Alimony Payments

Many people are still learning how certain sections of the GOP tax bill passed last year are impacting various areas of their lives. It may take many more…

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What to Do After Your Divorce

Going through a divorce, even an amicable divorce, can be a difficult experience. Once the divorce is final, you probably do not want to think about anything else…

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Infidelity and Your Illinois Divorce

While adultery does not affect your ability to get a divorce in Illinois, it can affect various aspects of your divorce. Below is an overview of the potential…

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How Do I Modify My Child Support Order?

Whether you are the parent who pays or receives child support, at some point you might need to change your current order. Typical reasons for seeking a new…

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How is Child Support Calculated in Illinois?

If you have a child who lives in Illinois and you are divorced, separated or were never married to the other parent, you might have questions about how…

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In Focus: How to Enforce a Child Support…

In an Illinois divorce, one of the key issues that must be resolved is child support. Although both parents have an obligation to provide for the financial well-being…

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