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Goodman Law Firm, LLC gives three tips to help successfully divorce a narcissist.

Divorcing a Narcissist?

Are you married to a narcissist? You know the type. They tend to think the world revolves around themselves. They may be self-centered, arrogant, manipulative, and demanding. Sharing your life …

  • Posted on: Jul 12 2019
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Retirement Accounts in A Divorce

Retirement accounts are often the single largest asset in the marital estate.  Properly dividing them is essential to a fair allocation of the martial estate.  Dividing retirement accounts is often …

  • Posted on: May 20 2019
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How Are Marital Investments Divided In A Divorce?

Marital property is subject to equitable division in Illinois, including investment assets. The equitable division of property may result in an equal division of assets in a divorce action; however, …

  • Posted on: May 11 2019
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